Color reproduction of imprints of digital and offset printing

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Lotoshynska N. D., Maik L. Ya., Nazarkevych M. A. № 1 (83) 11-20 Image Image

The article studies and analyzes color characteristics of Xerox Color C70 digital printing system compared to flat offset printing. The problem of complex objective assessment of digital printing quality and its comparison with offset printing is described, significant influence of consumables used in printing is noted, as well as the quality of the optical properties of digital and offset printing technique, which is manifested in ensuring a sufficient level of optical density and reproductive accuracy of color tone reproduction.

Digital printing technique is a very “young” printing direction, therefore, there are still no standardized data on color and optical characteristics of imprints, in contrast to offset printing one. Modern printing production requires minimal deviations from color and tone representation of images. That is why it is now important to measure color cha­rac­teristics on digitally obtained reproductions and comparing them with offset imprints.

The results of the study show a significant impact of material properties on the quality of optical properties of digital and offset printing technique, which is manifested in the provision of the imprint, both a sufficient level of optical density and reproductive accuracy of reproduction of the main shades of color tone. Most of the studied digital printing imprints do not provide reproductive accuracy of optical reproduction properties of the original, which is typical for offset printing. It is proposed to solve this problem partly due to the calibration technology and profiling of printing equipment with construction of color ISS profiles for consumables.

Keywords: digital printing technique, offset printing technique, optical density, color difference ΔE, color coverage of the CIELab system.

doi: 10.32403/0554-4866-2022-1-83-11-20

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