Communicative interaction between the editorial office and the audience: commerce and sacrifice (magazine “Nash Prapor / Our Flag” and “Ukrains`ka Biblioteka / Ukrainian Library” by ivan tyktor, as an example, 1933–1939 of the twentieth century)

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The magazine “Nash Prapor / Our Flag” and the 80-volume series “Ukrains`ka Biblioteka / Ukrainian Library” are studied, as a publishing tandem, which in 1932-1939 published the concern “Ukrains`ka Presa / Ukrainian Press” by Ivan Tyktor. The ways of interaction between the editorial office and the readers of the publications are described through appeals, surveys, reviews, problematic articles and other publications in “Nash Prapor / Our Flag”. The “Ukrains`ka Biblioteka / Ukrainian Library” is analyzed as well as its thematic direction, purpose and readership, the circle of authors and the role of the editorial board in promoting the project. It was determined that special emphasis was placed on historical fiction, especially memoirs, in particular, on the recent liberation struggles for the Ukrainian independent state and the activities of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen (Petro Franko, Mykhailo Mykhailyk, Mykola Holubets). In addition to the heroic past of the early twentieth century, the reader was particularly interested in the works of the Cossack period (Andrei Tchaikovsky, Ivan Krypyakevych, Vyacheslav Budzynovsky), as well of the princely times (Katrya Hrynevycheva, Ivan Krypyakevych). The authors of the forewords to the “Ukrains`ka Biblioteka / Ukrainian Library” are characterized, stylistically the texts of the forewords are divided into three following conditional groups: 1) socio-political and patriotic journalism, 2) literary-cri­tical journalism, 3) historical and literary studies. The publishers tried to connect with different groups of readers: young people who gained knowledge about the literature and history of Ukraine, the older generation, who sought emotional nourishment for their own memories of the events of the liberation struggle for the Ukrainian independent state. A formal-semantic and linguistic-stylistic analysis of forewords is conducted as a component of the scientific apparatus of the Library’s publications. The peculiarities of the stylistics of the forewords texts are determined, based on the purpose and readership of the Library. The principles of involving authors in cooperation are clarified based on the typological characteristics of the series. A number of well-known graphic artists who worked on the design of the “Ukrains`ka Biblioteka / Ukrainian Library” have been identified, including Mykola Butovych, Robert Lisovsky, Sviatoslav Hordynsky, Pavlo Kovzhun, and Yuriy Kirienko, although most of the covers belong to Edward Kozak.

Keywords: series, purpose, readership, circle of authors, subject of the edition, se­rial edition, style of presentation, foreword.

doi: 10.32403/0554-4866-2021-2-82-187-195

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