Comparative force characteristics of a die-cutting flat press

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Четербух О. Ю. № 2 (84) 101-110 Image Image

The flat die-cutting is characterized by the highest, among all methods, indicators of technological effort, since the cardboard blank is simultaneously in contact with all groups of rulers along their entire length. The technological effort of die-cutting, in general, depends on the linear effort and the total length of each group of lines, that is, on the overall dimensions and configuration of the future cardboard packaging. One cannot influence the magnitude of these efforts, however, by choosing the optimal overall dimensions of the executive elements of the die-cutting equipment and adopting rational laws of periodic movement of the output links, additional efforts can be reduced. The works, which are engaged in theoretical and experimental studies of the technologically necessary efforts to perform the operation of die-cutting cardboard blanks, are analyzed. A description of the drive mechanism of the pressure plate of the flat die-cutting press is given, which includes a drive cam, spring, rollers and levers. The scheme of actions of the forces that arise during the operation of die-cutting out the blanks of cardboard packaging is shown. The method of analytical force calculation of a flat die-cutting press is given. A comparative force characteristic of a flat die-cutting press is carried out for two laws of periodic movement of the output link (roller) with similar geometric dimensions. Recommendations for choosing a rational periodic motion law for the des­cribed flat die-cutting press are given. The main indicators are described, which should demand special attention to during the strength characteristic of the flat die-cutting press. The obtained results of the comparative force characteristic of a flat die-cutting press carried out for two laws of periodic movement of the roller with similar geometric dimensions are presented.

Keywords: flat die-cutting press, drive mechanism, scheme, effort, comparative characteristic, law of periodic movement, method.

doi: 10.32403/0554-4866-2022-2-84-99-108

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