Development of functioning algorithm of a risk model

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Durniak B. V., Maiba T. M. № 2 (72) 11-19 Image Image

The risk model is focused on random or not determined enough factors, so the model is ambiguous in general. One of the main objectives of the algorithm for determining the risk value is to minimize these ambiguities. In the selected risk model the algorithm implements the assumptions and existing ambiguity in it and depending on the prevailing conditions inputs the correct sequence of operations, resulting with an adequate risk assessment of the relevant process of the technological operation. We consider changing the parameters of the product that are not critical for purposes of manufacturing, which means they belong to the class of security level appropriate to changes of the product quality.

It has been shown that the security that appears as a risk depends on accidents caused by uncontrollable parameters that are not reflected within the security parameters of the algorithm of the risk determination because these parameters are determined by external factors that may operate in the technological process.

Keywords: risk model, risk assessment, technological process.

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