Methodology for selecting illustrative and font design in children editions

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Андрющенко Т. Ю., Бережна О. Б. № 1 (85) 91-100 Image Image

The article examines ways of selecting the technique of creating illustrations and font design for children editions. The main requirements for font design and typography of children editions are considered. The font design must take into account the safety of the children edition; recommendations are provided for choosing safe fonts without threats to children’s visual health. The requirements for font design and typography of children editions specified in the article help to ensure the readability, attractiveness and safety of the publication for young readers. The requirements for fonts and the design of publications are formulated, which must be taken into account for certain age groups of children in order to improve the readability of publications and increase their effectiveness.

The main stages of the method of selecting illustrative and font design for children editions are presented, which may vary depending on the specific project and its features. The introduction of the methodology will help ensure high-quality and effective illustrative and font design of editions for children, which will contribute to their interest and development.

A number of factors influencing the selection of the technique of creating illustrations in children editions are considered. The features of the main techniques of creating illustrations are analyzed – gouache, watercolor, acrylic, computer graphics, and the multi-criteria decision-making task for choosing the technique of creating illustrations based on several criteria is described, such as the age group of the target audience, the topic and genre of the edition, its style, budget, the presence of the visual style of the publishing house and the competence of the illustrator. Each technique of creating illustrations has its advantages, and the selection also depends on the requirements of the project and the preferences of the client, publisher and designer-illustrator. How much a young reader will be able to perceive and understand the text, how much he will be interested in reading the book publication and how much he will be able to remember the read information depends on the illustrative and font design, and the proposed study should systematize recommendations for the effective design of children editions.

Keywords: technique of creating illustrations, illustration of book publications, font design, typography, children editions.

doi: 10.32403/0554-4866-2023-1-85-91-100

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