Modern issues of ensuring accuracy when preparing documents on higher education

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Голощук Р. О. № 1 (83) 88-96 Image Image

In today’s digital environment, graduates of higher education institutions receive diplomas and other documents that confirm the quality of educational services provided, and guarantee the security and uniqueness of the documents received. These documents are also expected to comply with technical regulations. Moreover, higher education institutions that are allowed to print such documentation should prove their competence by developing appropriate information support. The assessment of their competence on the basis of generally accepted criteria increases the credibility of the issued document. The article considers and analyzes the problems of ensuring accuracy of the process of preparing documents on higher education. New regulations for data processing indicated in higher education documents which are approved by the legislative and regulatory requirements are clarified. An algorithm for organizing the process of document production request form is proposed. The learning experience of developing the information system “Diploma”, which is used to automate the process of adding variable personalized information of graduates in relevant documents, is described. The conceptual model of the database which considers the users’ needs is formalized. It is presented in the form of tables and diagrams connecting data. A program code of modules, queries, forms, reports and macros for importing and printing personalized information of graduates of higher education institutions into various types of documents on higher education is developed and submitted. New legislative acts and normative documents regulating the process of documents preparation are analyzed. Management, documentation and information support of this complex structured production process is offered. It allows to optimize documents’ production on higher education and significantly reduce their price.

Keywords: preparation of documents on higher education, diploma, form, Lviv Polytechnic Publishing House, information system, information support, printing of variable data, database.

doi: 10.32403/0554-4866-2022-1-83-88-96

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