Modification of a drive mechanism of a press plate in a die-cutting press

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Kuznetsov V. O., Rehei I. I., Vlakh V. V. № 1 (73) 56-62 Image Image

The article is focused on the design of a drive mechanism of a press plate used in the die-cutting units. It has been identified that the plate is driven via a hinge-lever mechanisms that create the «unwedging» effect necessary to overcome significant tech­nological resistances in the cardboard patterns manufacturing. The analysis of kinematic parameters of crossheads motion has been performed, an asynchronous movement of left and right crossheads has been found out. An alternative drive mechanism of lower press plate has been designed on the basis of master and slave couples of crank-crosshead contours. Mathematical dependences has been derived for the evaluation of kinematic mo­tion of a press plate crossheads. It has been identified that the crossheads move in direct and reverse directions with the same speeds, providing a parallel position of a press plate relatively to the surface of immovable support plate, and the process of punching is completed with no acceleration of the moving plates.

Keywords: die-cutting equipment, press plate, crank-crosshead mechanism, kine­ma­tic parameters.

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