Regional practice of media interaction with the audience (based on the social survey results)

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Bondarenko T. H. № 2 (72) 162-173 Image Image

This article summarizes regional experience of information exchange between the media and audience, gained through the specifically organized social survey. The findings emphasized the real need for studying and systematizing traditional and new formats used to establish feedback with consumers. The research was based on the expert survey conducted among fifty media people representing various types of media in Cherkasy region. The analysis and analytical processing of collected data made it possible to identify the main ways of information interaction between the media and audience, including but not limited to calls to editors, e-mail and traditional correspondence, surveys, special columns, game forms, various events, cooperation with the colleagues, publishing contact information, providing opportunities to post comments, working in social networks, attracting user-generated content, parallel search platforms, sending targeted news, RSS, corporate philanthropy, subscription campaigns, making branded products and outdoor advertising, and many more. There were systematized and presented detailed comments-quotes by experts about the interaction with the audience, confirming the practical value of research findings. It allows the extrapolation of the described experience by other media. The author also suggested considerations for the motivational factors that encourage journalists to work with the audience more efficiently.

Keywords: media, audience, information interaction, feedback, social survey, expert survey, media expert.

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