Small press in the context of book’s national ratings and awards in Ukraine (2009–2013)

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Kuzmuk I. V. № 2 (72) 285-290 Image Image

The article deals with small publishers who have received prestigious awards of the nationwide level in the post-crisis period of 2009–2013, it determines the small publishers of consistently high quality content, based on one of possible criteria of quality — awards and leading positions in the rankings. The main problems and factors that hinder their development and social and communication capabilities have been outlined. The research gave the opportunity to compare the range of issues of publishing houses of different types (large, medium, small). Also the research identifies trends in the selection of editorial portfolio of small publishers and reflects the outstanding potential of the small press in the context of social communication — despite ignoring awards as a marketing tool. The survey results also lead to the formulation of important problems — significant books for our cultural and information space are published in limited number of copies, and therefore do not reach the wide audience.

Keywords: small publishing houses, nationwide rankings and awards, small pub­lishing.

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