For the active inclusion of scientific articles in professional publications in the circulation of scientific information and correct publications indexing by scientometric systems it is necessary to give REFERENCES after the list of sources used in each publication, which follows the list of sources in the Latin alphabet, and gives the list of sources in Cyrillic in transliterated form.

Transliteration is done depending on the original language according to the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 55 from January 27, 2010. "On Regulation of Latin Transliteration of Ukrainian Alphabet".

Online transliteration:

List of sources in the block REFERENCES should be formed according to international standard APA (American Psychological Association (APA) Style), when the year of publication is given in parentheses after the name of the author. In the description you can not use curly quotation marks (only regular direct (" "), you can not replace Latin letters in Cyrillic.

You can make citation according to APA style on the site of online automatic generation of links: