Works by Volodymyr Starosolsky on the pages of Dilo daily newspaper in the 1920s-1930s

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The paper studies the publications by Volodymyr Starosolsky in Lviv Dilo daily newspaper in the 1920s-1930s. Having outlined the problems and themes of the articles, the author has noted the close connection of Starosolsky’ journalistic works with his research interests and political beliefs. In the articles published in Dilo, Volodymyr Starosolsky discussed the issues of national, political and social life. In addition, he emphasized the problem of academic integrity and studies’ novelty, the nation’s right to self-determination, described the events of national competitions of the Ukrainian people in historical retrospect, expressed his judgments on current political situation in Galicia. The author considered the main forms of Starosolsky’s journalistic heritage — written (analytical, polemic articles, reviews) and oral (speeches, lectures at various public events, public lectures). The extraordinary role of V. Starosolsky as an effective communicator is stated. The public resonance of his professional (as a human rights activist during trial proces­ses) and public speeches is accentuated. Thus, it is very important to identify V. Starosolsky’s works on the pages of periodicals and study his journalistic heritage in the context of Ukrainian journalism’ history and its biographical dimension. Materials published in Dilo are confirmed to be the valuable source for studying both socio-political, human rights and journalistic activities of V. Starosolsky in the 1920s-1930s. The newspaper Dilo contains scholar’s materials clarifying the content of his oral journalism and reflec­ting the society’s reaction to the journalistic activity of V. Starosolsky.

Keywords: Volodymyr Starosolsky, Dilo daily newspaper, journalism, problematic and thematic characteristics of publications, interwar period.

doi: 10.32403/0554-4866-2020-2-80-226-234

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