Issue number 2 (80) / 2020


Senkivskyi V. M.
Pikh I. V.
Lytovchenko O. V.
Стахів О. Р.
Musiiovska M. M.
Optimization of factor model of corporate website design in online catalog Read more
Kudriashova A. V. Formation of fuzzy logical equations of post-printing processes design Read more
Lutskiv M. M.
Гунько Д. Т.
Modelling of normalized raster transformation for round elements Read more
Макаренко Г. М. Comparison of methods of implementation of equivalent shapers in code converters Read more
Dubnevych M. M.
Holubnyk T. S.
Zanko N. V.
Comparison of efficiency of color balance facilities from camera and raw-converter software Read more
Сідікі О. С. Modelling and synthesis of tone transfer for fourth dimensional flexographic printing systems Read more
Тупичак Л. Л.
Карнаухов В.
Гуцуляк О. М.
Дронь С.
Процак А.
Information-cognitive structure of testing to determine the professional characteristics of the staff of one team Read more
Koliano Ya. Yu.
Senkivskyi V. M.
Марчук О. Р.
Мельник К. І.
Numerical comparison of non-stationary convective and conductive heating of single-layer printing materials Read more
Яніцкі П. Theoretical and experimental research of book blocks cutting with eccetrical disk knives Read more


Приступенко Т. О. The right to inform in the context of european democratic values: the Ukrainian experience Read more
Lystvak H. B.
Олянишен О. В.
Functioning of ethnostereotypes in media (on the example of the image of Polish people in Ukrainian news) Read more
Капраль І. І.
Kulynych M. M.
Mykhailovych O. P.
“From text to literature, from literature to text”: editorial processing of a fictional text Read more
Bondar O. V. Politics and literary prize: autonomy, adaptation or alliance? Read more
Myznikova T. V. Reviewing in the media as a way to promote the prose of women’s authorship Read more
Shenderivska L. P.
Карпінська В. В.
Шумак З. А.
Topical types of advertising of publishing products (according to the results of the youth survey) Read more
Mykhailovych O. P.
Капраль І. І.
Kulynych M. M.
Features of image creation based on the terminological vocabulary in advertising texts Read more
Огар Е.
Стахів М.
Advertising information in the new Ukrainian school textbooks: didactic and legal aspects Read more
Piskozub L. Y.
Коляно М. М.
Psychological influence of advertising on the Internet consumer (special poll results) Read more
Shchehelska Yu. P. Current practice and prospects of the social communications’ innovative development in AR and MR space based on the newest immersive equipment Read more
Kulynych M. M.
Mykhailovych O. P.
Капраль І. І.
Representative trends in the Ukrainian media space in the middle of the XIXth century Read more
Огородник Т. М. Works by Volodymyr Starosolsky on the pages of Dilo daily newspaper in the 1920s-1930s Read more