Lystvak H. B.

Year Author(s) Title Number
2023 П’янковський Р. В.
Lystvak H. B.
Modern business communications: methods of interaction in correspondencen with clients № 2 (86)
2022 Куца О. О.
Lystvak H. B.
The potential of ukrainian horror: state of the market and strategies of publishing communication № 2 (84)
2020 Lystvak H. B.
Олянишен О. В.
Functioning of ethnostereotypes in media (on the example of the image of Polish people in Ukrainian news) № 2 (80)
2019 Lystvak H. B.
Zelinska N. V.
Publishing culture of school textbook: editorial and design aspects. № 2 (78)
2018 Lystvak H. B. New approaches to literature and reading promotion in Ukraine (on the example of Lviv — the UNESCO city of literature) № 2 (76)
2011 Lystvak H. B. Риси «книги художника» в сучасних українських виданнях № 4 (56)
2007 Lystvak H. B.
Zelinska N. V.
«Мова» паковання: редакторські аспекти № 2 (46)