Issue number 2 (86) / 2023


Zanko N. V.
Pysanchyn N. S.
Kovalskyi B. M.
Занько А. С.
Бигар М. В.
Spectral measurements as a basis for standardization of colour images in reproduction processes Read more
Джуринський Є. А.
Maik V. Z.
Automatic synthesis of tactile graphics conditioned by text prompt Read more
Паламарчук Д. Ю.
Tymchenko O. V.
Демченко В. О.
Methods of optimizing the arrangement of vector graphic objects on the plane Read more
Баранова Д. І. Determination of the reasonable degree of detailing of the drawing of printed AR-markers Read more
Бережна О. Б. Methods of logo development using calligraphy Read more
Liakh I. M.
Кіш Ю. В.
Risk management features during the life cycle of software testing Read more
Havenko M. M.
Havenko S. F.
Analytical studies of electronic advertising of medicinal products: features, classification and impact on the target audience Read more
Чубак Є.
Uhryn Ya. M.
Morphological analysis of imprint quality problems related to the structure of printing and inking systems of gravure presses Read more
Пушкар O. I.
Гордеєв A. С.
Modeling of web offset printing processes Read more
Бабич О. Є. Mathematical model of a serial-parallel printing system with humidification Read more
Євсєєв О. С.
Величко В. Ю.
Methodology of artbook development of a computer game Read more
Khamula O. H.
Тарасов Н. А.
Influence of additive technologies and selection of materials on the quality of 3D printed braille models. Read more
Selmenska Z. M.
Пітушенко О. А.
Identification of factors influencing reading facility for the younger age category Read more
Дрімайло М. М.
Khamula O. H.
Гаврилишин О. Б.
Factors affecting the quality of printing from art gravure plates for printmaking techniques Read more
Rehei I. I.
Книш Р. О.
Ternovyi A. M.
Geometric synthesis and study of kinematic parameters of a die-cutting press with a pressure segment Read more
Vlakh V. V.
Михайлів Ю. Ю.
Research on the pressure plate movement by the drive with wedging mechanisms in the die-cutting press Read more


Бондар Ю. В. Publisher of war Read more
Zelinska N. V. «Invisibility» as a cause of undervaluation, or once again about the social rehabilitation of the editorial profession Read more
Zubko N. N. Restrictions on Russian book imports in Ukraine Read more
Погорелов О. В.
Zhenchenko M. I.
Printed or online? The Ukrainian local media’s experience during the first year of the war Read more
Приступенко Т. О.
Євдокименко І. М.
Telegram channels as modern online media: functioning in Ukrainian information space Read more
Górka E. Wojciech Karpinski’s 120 dni „Kultury” – an innovative model of publishing in the media sphere Read more
Василенко М. К. Journalistic investigation under the martial law: correlation of the collective and the individual Read more
Соломенко Л. І. Production of good news in the conditions of the Russian-Ukrainian war (on the example of online media “ShoTam”) Read more
Piskozub L. Y. Quality of the text content of websites in the digital era Read more
П’янковський Р. В.
Lystvak H. B.
Modern business communications: methods of interaction in correspondencen with clients Read more
Манзик О. Р. Marketing environment and image of the publishing sector in Ukraine: a source-based inquiry Read more