Issue number 2 (76) / 2018


Kavyn Ya. M.
Kravchuk I. M.
Kuznetsov V. O.
Olishkevych V. Yu.
Rehei I. I.
Synthesis of cam-gear mechanism for discrete turn of cylinders with tools for rotating waste stripping in die-cutting equipment Read more
Slotska L. S.
Zatserkovna R. S.
The research of adhesive films’ physical-mechanical features during gluing of spines of book blocks, sewn with threads Read more
Khmiliarchuk O. I. Assessment of samples stability by foil application on textiles Read more
Chepurna K. O. Research of color indicator changes of electrographic imprints after polypropylene films lamination Read more
Kozak R. O.
Kudriashova A. V.
Senkivskyi V. M.
A semantic network of factors of forming a publishing portfolio Read more
Havrysh B.
Logoida M.
Partyka U.
Polischuk M.
Slyusarchuk O.
Slyusarchuk Y.
Tymchenko O..
Оптична якість зображення та методи її визначення Read more
Osinchuk O. I.
Senkivska N. Ye.
Senkivskyi V. M.
Construction and calculation of linguistic variable membership functions of planning processes and book artistic and technical design Read more


Kopylchak Kh. C.
Ohar E. I.
Modern Ukrainian «mal’opys» (graphic literature): realities of publishing and perspectives Read more
Baliun O. O..
Fiialka S. B.
Репутаційний капітал як фактор підвищення конкурентоспроможності українських підприємств на міжнародному ринку Read more
Lystvak H. B. New approaches to literature and reading promotion in Ukraine (on the example of Lviv — the UNESCO city of literature) Read more
Savchuk H. M. The hiding information’s meaning and its retrieval methods in official documents Read more
Bondarenko I. S. Industrial and communication paradigms of social engineering: history of Ukrainian school of scientific organization of labour Read more
Bessarab A. O.
Ponomarenko L. H.
Editor insights in Ukrainian abecedaries Read more
Fiialka S. B. Оприлюднення наукових результатів українських дослідників у фахових виданнях: проблеми і перспективи Read more
Yakubovska M. S. The role of books in the formation of students’ culturological outlook Read more