Myznikova T. V.

Year Author(s) Title Number
2020 Myznikova T. V. Specificity of the publication culture of women’s prose in the Ukrainian book market № 1 (79)
2020 Myznikova T. V. Reviewing in the media as a way to promote the prose of women’s authorship № 2 (80)
2019 Myznikova T. V. Analysis of the topics of literary and artistic editions of women`s authorship through the prism of gender № 1 (77)
2018 Myznikova T. V. «Male» and «female» prose in the repertorie of Ukrainian publishing houses: a gender factor (on the example of publishing houses «Klub Simeinoho Dozvilla», «Vydavnytstvo Staroho Leva», «Folio», «Nash Format», «Vivat») № 1 (75)