Issue number 1 (75) / 2018


Klymenko T. Ye.
Kyrychok T. Yu.
Talimonova N. L.
Model of formation of quality of banknote production on the offset printing stage Read more
Dudiak V. O.
Kovalskyi B. M.
Pysanchyn N. S.
Zanko N. V.
Interaction of basic concepts of colour theory with colour reproduction in modern digital systems Read more
Neroda T. V. Accompanying visualization of academic achievements at designing of media means of the social communications Read more
Kandiak N. M.
Rehei I. I.
Ternytskyi S. V.
Vlakh V. V.
Experimental evaluation of the speed mode effect on power loads of the combined mechanism of the press plate drive at cardboard die-cutting Read more
Kulchytska Kh. B.
Predko L. S.
Analytic hierarchy process application to project selection in printing industry Read more
Osinchuk O. I.
Senkivskyi V. M.
Optimization of alternative options in the thematic planning of book publications Read more
Kukura Yu. A.
Misiura M. O.
Repeta V. B.
Thermographic analysis of inking device of narrow web flexographic press Read more
Palamar O. O.
Shakhbazov Ya. O.
Shyrokov O. V.
Shyrokov V. V.
Grinding process technology support Read more
Kudriashova A. V.
Lytovchenko N. M.
Formation of the integral quality indicator of the publication structuring process Read more
Panovyk U. P.
Verkhola M. I.
Determination of the optimal amount of cycles for previous ink filling of ink printing system with account of the oscillator roller influence Read more
Knysh O. B.
Kravchuk I. M.
Ternytskyi S. V.
Research of the strength and durability of perfect bound book blocks Read more
Kavyn Ya. M. Laser processing of granular structures — method of analysis of distribution of a thermal field in an object Read more


Porpulit O. O. Informational-communicative and technological dimensions of media space Read more
Hyrina T. S. To the issue of the periodization of the Ukrainian community radio history in the world media environment Read more
Bondar O. V. Literary contest in context of publishing Read more
Мудра І. М. Neuromarketing — theory and specificity of newspapers application by editorial offices Read more
Kitsa M. O. Features of magazine periodicals for men in Ukraine: topics, genrology, perspectives Read more
Yakubovska M. S. Culturological paradigm of modernity as a basis for the formation of information security of the society Read more
Makarchuk O. H. Epistolian discourse of Lesia Ukrainka as а source of studying the periodical «Narod» (1890–1895) Read more
Myznikova T. V. «Male» and «female» prose in the repertorie of Ukrainian publishing houses: a gender factor (on the example of publishing houses «Klub Simeinoho Dozvilla», «Vydavnytstvo Staroho Leva», «Folio», «Nash Format», «Vivat») Read more