Shchehelska Yu. P.

Year Author(s) Title Number
2021 Shchehelska Yu. P. Out-of-home advertising media with augmented reality: classification and options of their applica-tion in promotional campaigns № 1 (81)
2020 Shchehelska Yu. P. Current practice and prospects of the social communications’ innovative development in AR and MR space based on the newest immersive equipment № 2 (80)
2019 Shchehelska Yu. P. The specificities of the augmented reality technologies’ application as an instrument for the transformation of printed production into a three-dimensional one in the promotional communications’ practice № 1 (77)
2019 Shchehelska Yu. P. The augmented reality’s interactive lenses on Snapchat social network as a tool for recruiting potential employees to commercial brands and expanding their target audience № 2 (78)