Issue number 1 (71) / 2016


Durniak B. V.
Maiba T. M.
Synthesis of risk models with information components Read more
Kudriashova A. V.
Lytovchenko N. M.
Pikh I. V.
Senkivskyi V. M.
Theoretical bases of quality assurance of publishing and printing processes (Part 2. Synthesis of priority models of factors) Read more
Durniak B. V.
Khometa T. M.
Methods of process adaptation of users access security to social systems Read more
Verkhola M. I. Information technology for analysis of ink printing system with four form rollers based on its three-dimensional model Read more
Khamula O. H.
Ternovyi A. M.
Vasiuta S. P.
Mathematical model design of criteria hierarchy of quality impact of multimedia with videocontent Read more
Panovyk U. P. Information technology of optimization previous inks filling process of ink printing system with two form rollers Read more
Petiak Yu. F.
Senkivskyi V. M.
Synthesis of models of factors primary impact on quality of software design process for mobile devices Read more
Kovalskyi B. M.
Pysanchyn N. S.
Semeniv M. R.
Shevheniuk M. V.
Zanko N. V.
Quantitative evaluation of quality of image color separation for color printing Read more
Shybanov V. V. Plastification of diene-styrene photopolimerizable materials Read more
Hladchenko M. B.
Lutskiv M. M.
Sensitivity of tone reproduction of short ink printing systems of parallel structure Read more
Chekhman Ya. I.
Shustykevych A. I.
System for providing of tape even tension in unwinding process in web printing press Read more
Blahodir O. L.
Velychko O. M.
Analysis of printing technologies development with anilox roller application Read more
Neroda T. Research of components of publishing systems on the sources of material culture Read more
Pasika V. R.
Vlakh V. V.
Kinematic synthesis of die-cutting press mechanism with equality of forward and reverse moves Read more
Hrytsenko O. O. Calculation of technological parameters of packages marking with nanophotonic elements Read more
Lupenko S. A.
Lutsyk N. S.
Stadnyk N. B.
Sverstiuk A. S.
Zozulia A. M.
Conditional cyclic random process as mathematical model of vibrational signals and processes with double stochasticity Read more
Rumiantsev Yu. M.
Yasinska-Damri L. M.
Yasinskyi M. F.
Glitter paste on polymer basis for printing products design Read more


Chernysh N. I. Electronic encyclopedias in Ukraine Read more
Ohar E. I. Convergent media for children in ukrainian informative space Read more
Bondarenko T. H. Information online special project for media audience: concept, typology and impact Read more
Bessarab A. O. Social and communication aspect of interaction of books and cinematic art in the formation of interest in reading Read more
Tkachenko O. O. Specific advertising activity of educational institutions in terms of their positionin Read more
Kurban O. V. General description of modern Internet space in the application of online social networks Read more
Kovpak V. A. Media texts as a result of information and communication activity of emigration community in ethnocultural competence Read more
Baliun O. O. Fear factor as an instrument of sales increase Read more
Nikishova K. K. Text in interactive forms of knowledge popularization: editing aspect Read more
Zhenchenko M. I. Digital transformations of academic journal publishing models Read more
Savchuk H. M. Documental description of Lithuanian, Crown’s and Mazowian metrics Read more
Dzomba N. M. Christian religion as a factor of ukrainian national genesis: publicistic interpre tation of sixties Read more